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NEW Cover Reveal of Glory and Pretty Sacrifices from the The Legend of Glory trilogy by Devin O’Branagan

Glory, (Book 1, The Legend of Glory)





Seventeen-year-old Glory Templeton’s blood holds the cure for a deadly pandemic-plague and she embarks on a quest to save humanity. When evil forces conspire to stop her, three supernatural beings are assigned to be her guardians. Forbidden love, mysterious companions, ancient secret societies, and ominous astronomical monuments all contribute to the high adventure that tests the character of this remarkable young woman. The legend of Glory begins!

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

      Love, Hate, Life, Death, and Faith, these are words that we all take for granted every day, yet they seem to be what holds the fabric of the universe together. This book is about a young girl who finds that each one of those words are more than just words they are power. When Glory finds out that she is the cure for a deadly plague she is thrown into a world she only thought existed in the movies. With the help of some very unconventional friends she finds herself in a deadly race to save all of humanity. I found this book to be very enjoyable and well worth the read because it was filled with love, loss, and passion. It is not like any other book that I have read of this kind and should not be treated as such just because of the subject matter or characters in it. This book is all about the power of Faith and should be approached that way.


Pretty Sacrifices, (Book 2, The Legend of Glory)



In the post-apocalyptic world following a pandemic, dark angels arrive in Glory’s small hometown to claim the eternal souls of her loved ones. Targeted by evil because of her heroism during the great plague, Glory fights back with the help of gutsy young witch Kaia, inexperienced guardian angel Sasha, and her intrepid demon-fighting dog Hallelujah. Complicating everything, a rift in time reunites Glory with an old flame and forces her to pay a huge price for love. The legend of Glory continues!




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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

       In Glory. the first novel in this mind blowing series, a young woman's world was turned inside out when a pandemic nearly wipes out everyone. Now in this page-turning sequel, the evil is back to claim the lost souls of the dead. It is up to Glory, with a little help from her unusual friends, to fight the battle for the side of good. As with the first novel this book is about faith; the faith in love, faith in God and faith in the power of friendship to overcome all obstacles. This book is a must read for everyone! This series will be displayed on my shelf with great pride and read over and over!
A prominent Hollywood producer has contracted with Devin O’Branagan to shop The Legend of Glory trilogy as a possible TV or film project.






Bestselling author Devin O’Branagan writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include young adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal thrillers, and romantic comedy. She’s been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books, German publisher Heyne Verlag, Turkish publisher Dogan Egmont, and indie publisher Cornucopia Creations. Her books are available in print, eBook, and audio book formats.





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The Cemetery Sleeper by Susan Grinder

The Cemetery SleeperThe Cemetery Sleeper by Susan Griner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After Freddy’s mother died, his dad sent him to live in a little town with his Aunt Teri and her daughter Emily. One day while the kids were cooling off at the community pool, Matt the local kid story teller, told the group about a boy who slept on a grave. The boy was supposedly absorbed right into the ground. Emily being a logical individual, roundly told Matt he was full of hogwash. With Freddy as her witness, Emily would go to the Pesterfield’s family cemetery to lie down on a grave just to prove Matt wrong. While there, Freddy accidentally trips and lands on a small grave marked with a tiny tombstone etched with the name of "Tump." Later that night, he started having what would turn out to be a series of weird dreams. They were so realistic he would wake up sore the next morning.

Was Freddy just having bad dreams or was he being haunted by a long lost boy? You will just have to read this book to find out. This book is full of intrigue that will keep you turning pages until the end. The characters are believable and well rounded. The story line has a good flow and the ending will leave you satisfied. Individuals who like ghost stories and a quick read should definitely check out this wonderful book.

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